Saturday, October 22, 2011


After careful consideration and planning, my family and I have decided we will be building a house in Bandera.  We are very excited about this decision but at the same time I hate to leave all my wonderful clients; not to mention our amazing family and friends we have here. I hate to leave the city I so dearly love! (Don't worry I know I'm crazy for loving this polluted over populated city ;) but I just can't help it!) I have so many great friends and clients here! I want you all to know how much you mean to me! You have made my dream job a possibility and I couldn't have asked for more amazing people to let me capture your amazing stories.

Now for the good news for all of you! :) Being that I have family here I will not be closing shop in Houston! :D Instead I will just work both the Houston and San Antonio areas! I will have to travel to Houston frequently as I hate being so far away from my Moma and we are still battling it out with my fer insurance company for the house they did not fix after Ike. 

I hope all of you are doing great and look forward to continuing to capture the moments you cherish most!

Love & Hugs
Amanda Faith


  1. Best of Luck Love <3 That's so exciting about the house! i hope we find ours soon! Cant wait for that step and to finally have a place we can call Our First HOME!

    Love Hugs & dont forget Smiles :)
    Love you guys mucho<3

  2. yay shmanderz! finally offical :) can't wait to see photos and hear stories !! congrats on the new chapter of exciting and busy <3 xo

  3. Thanks loves! :) I can't wait either!