Thursday, August 18, 2011

{ Goals }

It's good to have goals in whatever you do! It gives ya something to look forward to. So here are some of MY goals I hope to accomplish before the end of the year:

1. Crochet a baby cocoon! (Heck just learn to crochet period!)

2. Photograph some twinsies! I love twins! I always wish I had a twin; my step-brother Derrick and I were the same age and we used to pretend we were twins! Twins seem to always have so much fun, plus you get a life long best friend! So I want to photograph some twins, old, young, new, tween, any! 

3. Master night photography; like the ones here. I can admit my weaknesses, and night photography is one of them! No matter how hard I try, I'm doing something wrong! I learn best by learning them myself, it's probably why I excel better in online classes.. anyway, it sticks with me better when I learn it on my own. (PS: if you've mastered night photography and want to teach me... I'll love you forever! ;p )

4. Get new equipment: A Nikon d7000! It has dual memory card slots, high def video! It's amaaazing! :)

5. Master nature photography! I'm doing okay so far, but I'm still learning. I'm sure I'll always keep learning, but I really want to be good at nature and landscapes. 
So good that someday I'll be published somewhere! <----my #1 photographic goal for my lifetime

For now I will stick with 5! Don't want to over do it. :) Check back as I progress and cross these goals off my list. 

hugs&love - Amanda Faith

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