Saturday, September 24, 2011


Kynedy Joell is THA-REE 
(as she says)

Kynedy loves purple! 
Her favorite food is chicken. 
She'd rather eat yogurt than a donut. 
She knows her phone number in whole and knows part of her address (<--we are still learning it)
Kynedy loves to sing and dance. Her favorite instrument is the piano.
Her favorite singer is Taylor Swift.
Her favorite show is Little Einsteins.
Her favorite princess is Cinderella.
Kynedy is a quiet well mannered little princess.
She is 100% girl; but she doesn't mind playin in the dirt.
Her favorite animal is the horse. 
She's the smartest little girl I know.
She has a heart of gold; but is also very stubborn. 

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